Adding A Teen Driver To Your Auto Insurance Policy

In Arizona, as new events occur in your life, this presents the need for changes in your automobile insurance policy. Among the most common events are marriage, divorce, and a child reaching legal driving age. If you wish to explore your options for auto insurance or make these changes, contact Mary Contreras to get an auto quote in tempe az today.

Advantages For Teen Drivers

Increasing premiums are a guarantee whenever your teen driver is connected to your automobile. However, you can reduce the impact of these costs by acquiring discounts. Within Arizona, teen drivers who participate in local safe driving programs can reduce their insurance liabilities. Further discounts are available for parents of teen drivers who maintain high standing academic records.

The Good Student Discount Requirements

The discount applies to all high school and college students. The requirement applies only to these drivers who haven’t reached age twenty-five and are unmarried. The academic standing of these students is verified by your preferred insurance agent. It should imply a 3.0 GPA, dean’s list, honor roll, or the student was within the top twenty percent of their graduating class. A student who has graduated remains eligible for the discount, if these conditions applied when their program concluded.

Students Living Away from Home

Discounts may apply further, if the student’s automobile remains at home. If this is not the case, rates are adjusted to match coverage requirements for the distance in which they travel to and from campus.

Defensive Driving Courses

All drivers under the age of twenty-one who participate in defensive driving courses receive a hefty discount. The requirements for this discount imply that he or she continues to live within the household of the primary policyholder. They are unmarried. The designed course was administered by a state-approved instructor. And lastly, the program included safety rules inside a classroom setting. Once proof of completion is received by your insurer, the discount is applied to your account.

As your teen begins to drive, this could induce heightened stress levels for parents. However, with proper driving courses, you can prepare them for several probabilities that occur on the road. With adequate insurance, you acquire coverage to protect against liabilities that are common among teen drivers. If you wish to learn more about teen driver discounts and changes for your policy when adding them, contact mary contreras at the tempe insurance agent today.